Upcoming Rides and Events

RAT Participation Note - For all local Pack rides, all British motorcycle enthusiasts are welcome to come riding with us!  Invite your friends along - even if they are not riding Triumphs. 

Since R.A.T. is managed by Triumph Motorcycles Ltd. and is restricted to owners of Hinckley-built Triumph motorcycles, some benefits are limited to RAT members only. Your RAT dues must also be current to receive member benefits.  

RAT organization membership is required for national and regional events (ie: RAT RAIDs).


Ephrata Breakfast Rides on the 1st Sunday of each month

June 6 - Hermy's Demo Days and Open House

The best way to get the latest info/updates on these rides and impromptu rides is to join the email list.

Ephrata Breakfast Rides on the 1st Sunday of each month

Typical arrangements are to meet at Hermy’s at 7:30 , arrive at the Shillington Kmart at 8:15 with pullout at 8:30 .  Breakfast at the American Legion.  Stay tuned to the email list for updates.


June 6 - Hermy's Demo Day Open House

Come join the fun and take some demo ride on the latest bikes.  See Hermy's website for more info.